Sambi Fashions & Premier

Sambi Fashions & Premier

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The Story Behind Our Business

Sambi Fashions & Premier was established by Samantha. Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Mississippi, she is a customized clothing designer whose passion for fashion started early. She was around seven years old when she first took an interest in sewing.

Watching her grandmother create different garments for herself, her grandchildren, and local customers was a breathtaking experience for Sam. She started asking questions about how to do this and that.

She observed her grandmother create dresses, men’s suits, hats, and other fashion items for several years. As Sam reached her teens, she went shopping in the malls like every girl her age. She lost interest in sewing and creating things.

As years passed, Sam noticed that other people had the same style of garment that she had in her closet. She wanted to stand out and show the world that she was not just any normal individual who wanted to fit in.

In 2010, she packed everything up and started her journey in finding God. She moved to Texas where she founded Sambi Fashions & Premier.

Sam started from the bottom and worked her way up. She joined different fashion shows and competitions so that she could get her garments out to the world. Her journey took hard work, dedication, and passion. She wouldn’t have done it without her strong faith in God’s Word.

Today, she serves as the CEO of her own clothing line. She has also introduced men’s outfits into her collection. Her business has been going strong for more than six years now and continues to elevate everything that she does.